Porcellana Valentina

The history of Porcellana Valentina goes back to 1985 when two families, united by the passion and depth knowledge for porcelain products,
decided to put together their know – how and start a venture together.
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These entrepreneurs were the workforce, designers, head and arm of their company. Their production was focused on a few items, made unique by a wide range of colours, decorations and special effects, that met the needs of a society lover of the house, the kitchen and the banquet, occasion of meeting and reunion of the family, which saw in the ovenproof dish a symbol of union and therefore a precious gift to celebrate weddings and other special occasions.

With the time, the lifestyle and habits of the society changed and so did Porcellana Valentina, in the attempt to to go towards the needs of their customers, always at the centre of its attention and care.

The company grew quickly: it built a new factory, new offices, became more flexible with the differentiation and expanded their business beyond the national boundaries. It was so that alongside the traditional lines for home cooking and gifts, it introduced professional products for the needs of caterings, hotels and restaurants and design lines for the sophisticate clientele of lounge bars and refined restaurants which answered to everykind of need.

Today Porcellana Valentina offers a wide range of porcelains suitable for buffet, table-top and kitchen use. The size and versatility of the company also means that it can develop both small and large ranges and can work on specific products which are often supplied exclusively.

Thanks to the utilization of the best raw materials, carefully selected, the attention during the production process, the quality of enamels and the adoption of the most modern cooking techniques, Porcellana Valentina is able to offer one of the best quality products making it one of the leading companies in its sector.

Furthermore, the absence of release of toxic elements (lead oxide), the very low coefficient of absorption and the absolute homogeneity of the vetrification, typical characteristics of every Porcellana Valentina’s product, garantee a strong and lasting resistance.
The products signed “Porcelain Valentina” have inherent characteristics that make them extremely suitable for the intensive use of restaurants and hotels: the quality of enamels, the vitrification of each product absolutely homogenous and modern cooking techniques ensure a long-lasting porcelain.

The production includes many collections designed to meet the most demanding requirements of its customers. It ranges from the minimal lines of the modern style of lounge bars to the more classical ones belonging to the tradition of the table, from the extra large measures of the “Giants of the Buffet” to the mono-portions of “Le fornarelle” Line; from sophisticated and scenographic shapes, specially created to make felt their presence on the table,  to space-saving stackable porcelains created specifically to disappear into small spaces and to facilitate the work of gathering the dishes in the hall and the order and speed of the  management in the kitchen.

“Porcelain Valentina” is a company ever changing, creative, open to innovation and to the listening of the needs of its customers. It is characterized by its openness and enthusiasm in being involved in projects for the development of shapes and collections to customize at the request of its customers.

All products “Porcelain Valentina” were born in white porcelain. Some of them, however, can be realized also in colored or decorated. Look at the sections dedicated to learn more about them.




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