A Single-Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Region: Lazio, Italy
Bottle Size: 500 ml (16.9 oz.)

This exquisite olive oil is pressed solely from Itrana olives hand picked on the Pelliccia family estate within the town of Itri, on the Appian Way. Artisanal production methods and the terroir of southern Lazio contribute to the many fine qualities of this single-estate varietal oil.

Acclaimed for Flavor

Slow Food’s Guida alle Extravergini praises Pelliccia olive oil for its “classic” golden color and enticing aromas, in particular the yellow apple and sweet spice notes. The oil’s well-rounded flavor, culminating in a slightly peppery finish, is also noted with approval.

100% Itrana OlivesDel Bonis Importing-Olive Close up

Pelliccia Extra Virgin Olive Oil not only comes from a single estate but from a single olive variety: the Itrana, which takes its name from the town of Itri and is prized for producing wonderful oil as well as table olives.

Quality and Freshness Guarantees

The fresher the olive oil, the more intense the aroma and flavor. For that reason, Del Bonis Importing Company sells Pelliccia Extra Virgin Olive Oil only from the most recent harvest. A band indicating the harvest month and year certifies that each bottle was filled with “olio novello” from the Pelliccia family’s olive trees.


Elegant Packaging

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is poured into tall, beautifully formed bottles, tinted to protect the contents from light. An illustration of the picturesque castle in the center of Itri appears on the label. Attached to the cork is a spout that, once inserted in the bottle, allows users to drizzle this splendid oil with precision.


Itri, Italy


Nestled between Rome and Naples along the historic Appian Way lies the medieval village of Itri. The surrounding hillsides of the picturesque village provide an ideal balance of warm sun, sea breeze and fertile mountain soil which helps produce a rare and unique olive exclusive to Itri, the Itrana Olive.


Pelliccia Estate

olive_row4Known for its characteristic flavor, vibrant color and mellow aroma, this variety has developed widespread appeal. Pelliccia Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made solely from the Itrana olive. No other olives are blended or added. For generations, the Pelliccia family has carefully preserved the time-honored tradition of growing the Itrana olive, with the goal of producing only the finest olive oil every year.