Coli Terracotta

The company Nuova Coli S.r.l. has the scent of tradition. A past of wet and dirty hands of Andrea Coli working tireless at the lathe in 1650, artisan manufacturer of clay vessels.

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Nuova Coli S.r.l. tradition from the wisdom of this ancestor of the Coli family that comes today, the care
for details and forms that the company New Coli S.r.l. puts in the realization of their articles. These reflect the beauty and radiance of the places where they are produced and the ability of the workers
who work thoroughly.


New Coli inovation, Nuova Coli S.r.l is today one of the most renowned companies in the production of pottery and terracotta. A 10,000 m2 industrial plant with a daily production capacity of 30 cubic meters. The companies careful selection of raw materials to ensure the quality and durability of the products, and the ones that are market demands which will appeal.


Technological innovations are introduced, always and solely in support of craft techniques.

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